Welcome To Paradise Movement

Our mission is to guide all beings through dark moments and help them (re) discover their path to paradise. To make personal development and holistic living affordable and accessible while empowering you to heal your past, find your truth, and create a life they don’t need a vacation—a paradise state of mind.

Our Two Branches

What We Offer Within

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary empowers you to heal your past, grow into the best version of yourself, and create your path to paradise. 

♥ The first affordable holistic sanctuary platform ever created. It’s your time to heal.

♥ ​A safe space for all beings looking to dive into self-growth and personal development.

♥ A simplified, accessible, affordable process and one-stop-shop for your healing for the entire planet.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary empowers you to heal your past, grow into the best version of yourself, and create your path to paradise. 

The App

Our app focuses on self-guided programs with astrology, self-talk, inner child healing, managing anxiety, and more.

What we offer within

♥ A free holistic living and wellness mobile app. 

Self-guided programs, rescue sessions, courses, and subscription-based yoga.

♥ And to top it all up, we have a mini community aspect to support you along your journey. 

Our Lovely Tribe

What Our Users Are Saying


This community has helped me to become more in tune with myself, with the daily challenges I love focusing on my mental health and I think making it a fun game (as I see it) while healing is awesome! – Aliyah


I love connecting with everyone and learning so many ways to stay in alignment. I think you ladies are doing a fantastic job. I just have to tune in more!! Helping me to manifest and stay in alignment. So grateful for you, ladies!! – Chrysalis Pipkin

Chrysalis Pipkin

My favourite part is the constant connection and availability. I’ve loved the ability to connect and availability!! It allows me to connect when I can. – Charlene Van Evera

Charlene Van Evera

I have loved being a starting member with Paradise Movement. I have met wise people who can help me on my spiritual journey. – Amanda Doyle

Amanda Doyle

“I have been seeking my soul family for many years now. In Paradise Movement, I have found meaningful connections and therefore, I feel less alone. As humans, we thrive when we are a part of a community that supports us, and that can definitely be found in Paradise! I have been rediscovering myself lately, and the healing wisdom that is within all of us is shared on this platform. I can write what is going on in my head, and share it with others, as well as comment on what other members of the community have posted. Stigma is diminished when we talk about our stories in safe spaces. I feel that Paradise Movement has helped me greatly on my healing journey!” – Riley Clark

Riley Clark

“Paradise Movement is truly special. I’ve been able to connect with different people, learn about holistic tools that I may not have stumbled upon otherwise, and it is a community where I feel seen, heard, and supported. Everyone is so encouraging” – Emily St Laurent.

Emily St Laurent.

The Paradise Movement community is top-notch. If you are looking for an online community to support your personal growth, you’ve found it! Unlike popular social networks, PM is full of positivity, supportive people, and helpful content. It’s a safe place to discuss past traumas, current challenges, off-piste topics, alternative healing modalities and techniques, and find the support you need to move through this life with grace and love. – Diane M

Diane M

A Message From The Founder

I founded Paradise Movement because I started travelling to escape my mental health, crappy relationship and the unknown of my future. While travelling, I realized that Paradise wasn’t a place but the feeling inside you. I found that, unfortunately, the problems didn’t go away when I was travelling because many of the problems were inside my head and mindset!

This quickly led to the realization that if I did my healing work and worked through the triggers, the grief and the trauma, I could become a better version of myself. So I committed to my personal development, to my healing. I set out to find my paradise state of mind. I wanted to be able to do that, have that, and discover my truth.

On my journey, I lacked support, community, resources and trust. But, I don’t believe anyone should lack any of these things, no matter where they are in their healing journey – they are the rocks that will build the paradise foundation.

So then birthed Paradise Movement, where we all can have support, community, resources and leaders we can trust; to find our truths. What works for me may not work for you – and that is okay (actually encouraged). The more we support and uplift each other, the more we collectively heal.

That is what Paradise is all about.

Nicole Victoria


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